The Liverpool and Manchester Railway 1829

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One of the images donated to Metal by Ray Physick. This is a map showing the 1829 route not just of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, but also the Bolton and Leigh Railway, the Kenyon and Leigh Junction Railway and the Warrington and Newton Railway. The Bolton and Leigh Railway, built by George Stephenson, was opened on 1st August 1828 (two years before its more famous neighbour) as a goods line to connect the Manchester Bolton and Bury Canal at Bolton to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal at Leigh - the Sans Pareil was one of the locomotives that worked on it. The Kenyon and Leigh Junction Railway was opened in 1829 to link the Bolton and Leigh with the still to be opened Liverpool and Manchester. In 1836, an Act of Parliament gave the Bolton and Leigh Railway Company the right to lease the Kenyon and Leigh Junction line for 25 years. Work on building the Warrington and Newton Railway began in 1829 and it was opened on 25th July 1831 as a feeder line for the Liverpool and Manchester: it connected with the latter at Newton Junction (now Earlestown) to a terminus (now closed) at Dallam Lane in Warrington, just north of the town centre, with a south-western branch towards Bank Quay (not the same location as the present-day station of that name): a south-eastern branch was provided for in the 1829 Act of Parliament that authorised the line’s creation but not opened until 1837. In 1845, the Bolton and Leigh and the Kenyon and Leigh Junction Railways both became part of the Grand Junction Railway - the Warrington and Newton had already been absorbed thus in 1838 - which was in turn merged into the London and North Western Railway the following year: in 1923, the LNWR in its turn became part of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway. Also visible in this image are the Sankey Canal, the Bridgewater Canal and the Mersey and Irwell Canal

The Liverpool and Manchester Railway 1829

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