Steve McElroy talks of the number of familes connected with the railway

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Steve McElroy talks about his father-in-law, Jack Keane, who worked as a railway guard. He also notes that there were large numbers of families in the local community who worked on the railway: there was even an entire street owned by the railway and inhabited only by employees

Interviewee: David and Steve McElroy

Interviewee Gender: Male

Date of Interview: 25th March 2011

Interview Transcript

Steve: The thing David was saying before, the last time he was here was with me father-in-law, who, actually, his first job as a goods guard was on the station and he subsequently moved onto Lime Street and went on the passengers and all that kind of thing. But he was, he, he, he was Irish but he loved it here, and when he knew that I was from around here, he was very keen to, you know, to tell me all about the history, and he would have been an ideal person to . . .

David: Oh, absolutely.

Steve: . . . to do this, cos he could tell you all kinds of stories . . .

David: He, he lived here, didn’t he, for, like?

Steve: . . . about the, about the tunnels and about the characters, and . . .

Jenny: What was his name?

Steve: He was called Jack Keane.

Jenny: Jack Keane.

Steve: And, but a lot of the, the families who lived on, on our street, it was a railway street, wasn’t it? A lot of people, you know, a lot of kids’ dads worked on the railway, and not just our street but on, on Chatty and the, all the, the local streets as well, and over there, towards, over by St. Dunstan’s Church, there was a little road there called Railway Cottages . . .

Jenny: Oh, yeah.

Steve: . . . and that was actually owned by the railway, and everybody would, every, every single person there would work on it.

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