Roy describes the shifts he worked as a bus driver

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Roy tells of how he got up at half past four in the morning to take factory workers to Speke

Interviewee: Roy

Interviewee Gender: Male

Interview Transcript

Paul: Did you, within your shifts, did you ever do any of the early morning shifts to take take factory workers out to places like Speke?

Roy. We did. We, we used to do, the first shift was 4:30, and I lived then in Liverpool 8 . . .

Paul: That, that’s 4:30 in the morning, isn’t it?

Roy: Yeah.

Pat: Yeah.

Roy: And we used to pick up, what do you call it?

Terry: Workers, shift workers?

Roy: No, a bus that picked us up and . . .

Paul: Oh, right . . .

Pat: Oh yeah, the, pick the workers up, yeah.

Roy: To get us to Liverpool to time, we got picked up, and they were on the road, they used to come along, I used to go and meet them, and they’d pick us up and take us to the depot . . .

Paul: Right.

Roy: . . . and then we got the bus

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