Piggy Muck Square

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My dad born in 1906 and grew up in Edge Hill In a small square colloquially known as Piggy Muck Square. Now demolished, it was at the Junction of Cardigan, Cadogan and Cambridge roads behind the Gas works.  Although an asthmatic child he grew out of it and by the age of 12 he boasted that he loaded coal for a tanner a ton on saturdays.  This enabled him to take girls to the flicks almost every night of the week if he chose to do so. He missed the first world war but then joined the army at 15 lying about his age.  His doting tough mum sobbed her heart out behind one of the pillars of Lime Street Station as she secretly watched the light of her life on his mission to leave the slums of Liverpool.  Fortunately for me and her he survived the war machine even during the next war and then he and my mum had me….
One entire branch of the family was killed by a landmine direct hit on their house in the second world war.

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