Pat Moffat talks about the Red Brick pub off Spekeland Road

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Pat Moffat mentions that her father and his friends used to drink in the Red Brick pub off Spekeland Road after they had finished work

Interviewee: Pat Moffat

Interviewee Gender: Female

Interview Transcript

Pat: They all used to drink in the Red Brick, which was off Spekeland Road . . .

Jenny: Oh, oh, it was called the Red Brick?

Pat: Red Brick, yeah, because . . .

Jenny: Was it made out of sandstone?

Pat: Yeah, yeah (Jenny laughs), but the, the men, when they’d finished work, the, the exit was on Spekeland Road right facing this pub and there was a little betting shop . . .

Jenny: Oh.

Pat: . . . but the betting shop didn’t come til about 1969, 70, before that they used to have a man, who used to pick the bets up, like a bit of a bookie’s runner . . .

Jenny: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Pat: . . . I think they were called, and he used to pick all the railwaymen’s bets up (Jenny laughs), but we, we had lots of fun round here.

Jenny: What was Jackie’s surname, Uncle Jackie, he worked in the ticket office here?

Pat: Hughes, yeah, yeah . . .

Jenny: Jack, Jack Hughes.

Pat: . . . yeah, yeah, Jack Hughes but he was known as Jackie because we had a Great-Uncle Jack, so it was Jack and . . .

Jenny: Jackie.

Pat: . . . Jackie was his, his son . . .

Jenny: Yeah.

Pat: . . . yeah.

Jenny: And what was your dad’s name?

Pat: Hughes, Albert Hughes.

Jenny: Albert Hughes.

Pat: Yeah, yeah.

Jenny: Yeah. So, they all drank at the Red Brick . . .

Pat: Brick.

Jenny: . . . pub . . .

Pat: Yeah, yeah.

Jenny: . . . which was off Spekeland Road?

Pat: Yeah.

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