Pat Moffat recalls her mother’s work in the service of Lord Mayor Caplan

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Pat Moffat recalls how her mother would light the fire for Lord Mayor Louis Caplan and his sister, Lady Mayoress Frances, on Friday evenings and then work for them the whole of Saturday, before meeting her family in Great Homer Street when the day’s work was done. She also refers to the famous market in Great Homer Street, that consists of 1200 stalls, selling all kids of items

Interviewee: Pat Moffat

Interviewee Gender: Female

Interview Transcript

Pat: if a car turned in the street – cos there was no cars in our street . . .

Jenny: Really?

Pat: . . . or on the block – it was either, you know, somebody really important, cos nobody had relatives with cars or . . .

Jenny: Oh, wow!

Pat: . . . anyone who could afford taxis, and carts, loads of handcarts.

Jenny: Did the, was it the Caplans have a car?

Pat: Oh, yeah.

Jenny: Yeah.

Pat: Oh, yeah, yeah, well, Louis, he, he was the Lord Mayor, Fanny was his sister – Frances – and she was married to a man called Tony, but he wasn’t a Jewish man, and there was a little bit of conflict . . .

Jenny: Oh!

Pat: . . . because on the Friday, me mum would have to go and set the fire for them, and do a couple of other things for their sundown, and then on the Saturday, me mum would be there all day . . .

Jenny: To help, yeah . . .

Pat: Yeah, yeah . . .

Jenny: . . . to do all the work.

Pat: . . . yeah, yeah, because we used to meet her, and then to Great Homer Street market then, where she used to get the shopping . . .

Jenny: Oh, yeah.

Pat: Yeah, and then . . .

Jenny: Still going.

Pat: Yeah.

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