Mo Clougher recalls Wavertree Road shops

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Mo recalls the shops on Wavertree Road, and what it was like each year when the school uniforms appeared in Freemans shop windows…

Interviewee: Mo Clougher

Date of Interview: 17th August 2011

Interview Transcript

Mo: Wavertree Road was ‘The Shopping Centre’.  It was wonderful.  We didn’t go to town as youngsters, you know if, I used to hate, you know, going back to school time and you’d see Freeman’s window with all the clothes in ready to go back to school.

Jenny: Oh you knew it was time!

Mo: That was where you’d get all you know you’d get all your good clothes, and then there was Woolies next door wasn’t there.  It was a marvelous shopping centre.  And as teenagers we used to go up to Kay Nelson which was on the top and I see its still there! 

Jenny: Still there.

Mo:  Used to get all our clothes for dances there it was beautiful.

Jenny: Oh wow.

Mo: You used to feel really good if you got something from there.

Jenny: Yes.

Mo: It was a lovely shop.  But erm…The Woolies was huge yes.  I don’t remember much…it was this side of the road we stayed on wasn’t it…It was busy.  It was clean. It was gorgeous all the shops were alive weren’t they.  It was wonderful.

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