Mo Clougher recalls her childhood in Wavertree

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Mo Clougher recalls St Thomas’ Church in Ashfield, Wavertree, and Miss Connie Sharp a Sunday school Superintendent.  Mo also recalls the neighbourhood and her school.  Mo passed a scholarship and went to Childwall Valley School while her friend Jean went to Lawrence Road, Secondary Modern.

Interviewee: Mo Clougher

Interviewee Gender: Female

Date of Interview: 17th August 2011

Interview Transcript

Mo: We had a marvelous teens there.  We belonged to a church there in Ashfield, St Thomas’, it was such a homely place and lively, and they had a marvelous youth club, … didn’t they,  and a lot went on, and of course we used to go dancing a lot too,… didn’t we…, and the Church.  We had Miss Sharp, was a Sunday school superintendent , er,  but eventually she was a friend because we ended up Sunday school teachers there at St Thomas’.  Oh god love her she’s still alive now how old is she…?

Jean: 93

Mo: 93, she’s in a nursing home in Woolton and she’s fabulous, and we still go and see her and she’s wonderful, and she’s got wonderful memories of Wavertree if you wanted to go and talk to her… ?  She’s fantastic, and she did a lot for the young people in, you know, in Wavertree, and I’m trying to think what else, else,  I don’t know it was just a magic place.

Jenny: So who is…Connie? Is it Connie?

Mo: Connie Sharp

Jean: Constance

Mo: She was the Sunday School Superintendent at St Thomas’.  We had a Church Hall down in Bishopgate Street wasn’t it? No its not, I’m telling a fib, because I’m thick!  Grosvenor Road (laughs) which is now a block of flats.  But everything on earth used to go on at that church hall, it was wonderful.  We had a youth club there, lots of social events, weren’t there, lots of social events and lots of societies used to use it and it was a very popular place, and also they used to hold weddings there.  In fact one of our gang, Graham, was married there.  I’d say the gang I got to know at the church we’re still all pals now.  We’re all spread out, but we all keep in touch and have get-togethers, each others,  erm, parties and things,  don’t we..?

Jenny: What street did you live in in Wavertree?

Mo: I lived in Salisbury Road

Jenny: Salisbury Road

Mo: And my friend Jean lived in Ashfield and…

Jenny: And were they close to one another?

Mo: About three roads away, there was Alderson then Kempton and then Ashfield …wasn’t there?

Jenny: (laughs)

Mo: And Connie Sharp she lived by the Church Hall didn’t she, on Grosvenor Road.

Jenny: mmm

Mo: It just was a fabulous place wonderful people.

Jenny: What school did yous go to?

Mo: I used to live in Huyton-with-Roby before I lived in Salisbury Road, I used to go to Dovecot school.  I lived there and then moved here and lived here since I was 11 but I, I passed a scholarship then so I was going to go to Childwall Valley.  I moved here in the summer and so, erm, I went to Childwall Valley in the September.  Jean went to Lawrence Road school…

Jean: (interrupts) I went to Lawrence Road which is a Secondary Modern…Its still there but

Mo: Whch is still there but…

Jean: Lawrence Road…

Mo: It’s a new building now.

Jean: (trails off..)

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By Steve Stirrup on 27th May 2014

Wow, I now live in Texas and was searching for St Thomas’s Church.  It has been demolished - I can’t believe it.  My parents were married there and I was christened there, I was in the sea scouts in Lawrence Rd and cherished my christian roots there.  How this world has changed - just as the bible says it will.  I loved Mr Hewitt the Northern Irish vicar. My name is Steve Stirrup, I lived in Methuen St and was educated at Heygreen and Liverpool Collegiate.

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