Mo Clougher recalls Fred Wallace her father practicing for the Edge Hill brass band

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Mo’s father and grandfather were both members of the Edge Hill (LMS) Brass Band.

Interviewee: Mo Clougher

Interviewee Gender: Female

Date of Interview: 17th August 2011

Interview Transcript

Mo: This is when I was very young, so I don’t remember I heck of a lot about it except him going out a lot to these meetings and on ..when he used to go in competition and what not.  I never actually went to them you know.

Jenny: You didn’t hear them?

Mo: Oh no…Only heard him practicing at home.  Yes…

Jenny: So he played the Trombone..

Mo: Yes

Jenny: And was your Grandfather in the band as well?

Mo: Yes.

Jenny: And what did he play?

Mo: Oh what was his…I’m not very bright.  I never heard him play, but we had a few photographs and I can’t remember the name of the object [laughs].  Not a bassoon is it? But he was the Secretary for the Edge Hill Band my dad..erm.

Jenny: Oh yeah yeah.

Mo:  He was out a lot.  As I say I never actually went and heard them, the band.

Jenny: (interrupts) Did they used to play locally or was it nationally?

Mo: It was mostly competitions and what not or er…He couldn’t have done much locally because we never went to hear them and I don’t know why.  I really don’t.  See he died when I was twelve, and course he hadn’t been in the band then for a few years because he just wasn’t well.  He was a lovely person my dad, really big hearted you know.  Only a tiny guy. 

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