Mo Clougher recalls Christmas time and the shops in the local area

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Mo recalls going Carol singing in the local area and small row of shops on Cardigan Street off Salisbury Road where she grew up.

Interviewee: Mo Clougher

Interviewee Gender: Female

Date of Interview: 17th August 2011

Interview Transcript

Mo:  Christmas time in Wavertree was wonderful, everybody was so friendly, weren’t they…erm…We used to Carol singing you know with the church and go down all the roads, and we knew which roads would give us the money you know..[laughs] You know like Cecil Street you’d always get a lot of money there because nobody had any [laughs]. That was next to Salisbury Road, that was a lovely friendly road, wasn’t it.  And what I do remember too, I got very friendly…When I got to about 16, 17, I started slyly smoking, as you do and your mother doesn’t know, and I got friendly with a coal man.  Not a coal man…Shoe…A cobbler!  And he had a little cobblers..erm…what …Cardigan Street wasn’t it?  There was Cardigan Street running off Salisbury Road, across it, and I used to go round there, and sit in his little, his little lounge at the back and having sly smokes [laughs].  There used to be two little shops after that.  There was Mrs.  Maks and Irwin’s the Grocers, there was the two little shops and then this cobbler on the other side of the road.  Where I used to go for me sly smoke [laughs], Mr Massey.

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