Locomotive liturgy

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This extract from the leaflet gives six quotes from the Bible in support of its message. The first extract, from Hebrews 9:27, refers to the Day of Judgement of which we must always be aware; the second, Exodus 20, is the Ten Commandments that we all must follow to get into Heaven; the third excerpt, Matthew 7:21 quotes Jesus as saying that only those who do God’s will can get to Heaven, just as only the Rocket met the directors’ requirements at the Rainhill Trials; the fourth, John 7:24, asserts that “right judgement”, and not “judging by mere appearances”, is the way forward, in this context a thinly-veiled jibe against the Novelty; in the fifth, John 14:6, Jesus warns that only those who follow him can be saved; and in the sixth, John 3:16 and 36, reiterates that those who believe in Jesus will be saved, but those who do not will be damned - the author(s) would seem to see in this a parallel to the fate of the Sans Pareil and the Novelty!

Locomotive liturgy

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