Locomotive and trucks on siding

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This is one of the photographs donated to Metal by Dennis Flood, a railway enthusiast (not to be confused with the photographer of the same name) and taken by Jim Peden. Here a tank locomotive (with a very large funnel and dome) and three trucks are on a siding. Two more trucks are visible in the background, and a guard’s van or carriage on the right. On the left of the photograph, just next to the siding, it is apparent that some building work is going on - perhaps the train is supplying the materials for the building

Locomotive and trucks on siding

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By Dennis Flood on 2nd June 2015

A few corrections for this photograph.              This locomotive was being used as a `stationary boiler`and it was used to steam heat the carriage shed,located just beyond the left of the photograph. The lines in the foreground led to/from Crown Street and Wapping. The vehicle immediately to the right of the photograph,and slightly obscured,was a guard`s brake van and was used between Edge Hill and Crown Street/ Wapping.The wagons attached would contain coal for the locomotive. The size of the locomotive chimney is to allow any smoke emitted from the locomotive to be kept away from staff working at ground level - providing the wind was not blowing,of course.! Whilst I donated the photograph it was taken by the late Jim Peden.

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