Liverpool and Manchester Railway passenger timetable

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One of the images donated to Metal by Eric Shenton. This is a poster issued by the directors of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway on 30th September 1830, just after the Railway opened. It informs passengers that after 4th October passenger services will open, and it also mentions what times the trains will set off. Note that the first- and second-class coaches are in separate trains, and that from Monday to Saturday there are twice as many first-class as second-class services. The poster reveals the two termini of the railway, Crown Street in Liverpool and Liverpool Road in Manchester, the locations of the two coach offices, Dale Street in Liverpool and Market Street in Manchester (these offices, it is disclosed, provide plans of each coach to enable passengers to choose their seats), and the location of the company office, John Street in Liverpool. There will also be a bus service to take first-class passengers in Liverpool between Dale Street and Crown Street, but there is no such privilege accorded to second-class passengers, and no equivalent bus service in Manchester between Liverpool Road and Market Street

Liverpool and Manchester Railway passenger timetable

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By Joe Tarnopol on 17th February 2012

Are copies of these available for purchase??


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