John Marston talks more about social life when he was a boy

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John Marston remembers the swimming baths on Lodge Lane, which he and Brian Allen visited so frequently that John’s mother forbade it: as a result, the two boys hatched a scheme in which John tossed his swimming costume through the bathroom window to Brian, waiting in the back yard, and then told his mother he was going out on his bike! He also talks about his and Brian’s paper rounds, and how he would tease Brian because his round was much longer than John’s own! Brian would use the money from his round to buy seed for his pigeons: sometimes pigeons would fly from one loft to another, causing arguments between neighbours as the loft owners tried to claim the newcomers for their own! Finally, John mentions how Roy Allen, Brenda and Brian’s brother, was a Mod, but John’s close friend Harry Smith stuck to his bike, and so became known as Harry the Bike

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