John Marston recalls the railway cottages where he grew up

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John Marston talks about his early life, especially the house his house in the railway cottages. He mentions how backward they were, with no toilets or electricity. He also discloses that his grandfather, Henry Marshall Marston, worked on the railway (though John has never found out what he did), and that he had two brothers

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By Chris Daniels on 25th February 2014

My grandad, Thomas Rylands, also worked at Edge Hill.  He was a foreman in the goods depot.  We lived with nan and grandad in the railway houses in Harbord Street.  I remember living there without electricity and just one cold tap in the kitchen.  I think the electricity was put in about 1954, but there was only ever the outside toilet.  I went to St. Anne’s school, as my mum did before me.

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