Horse-drawn tram

Resource Type: Image | Posted on 3rd February 2012 by Liam Physick

One of the images donated to Metal by Ray Physick. Presumably dating from the late nineteenth or early twentieth century, this photograph shows two horses about to start pulling an open-top tram. A policeman stands next to the tram and on the side of the vehicle its destinations are listed: Vauxhall, Sandhills and Seaforth can all be made out. The horse on the right of the picture (the left from the point of view of the driver and passengers) is apparently distracted by something and has turned its head to its left (our right). Presumably the man standing next to the driver is the conductor. Notice that the top deck of the tram (the one visible) is full to capacity, showing how popular this mode of transport then was

Horse-drawn tram

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