Green 6A tram

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One of the images donated to Metal by Ray Physick. This photograph, from the early twentieth century, shows a green 6A tram, No. 238, standing in an unidentified part of Liverpool - it does not seem to be moving. A boy runs across the track, and two other children, on the left of the image, are in awe at the sight of the tram

Green 6A tram

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By Stan Haworth on 8th November 2012

The picture is at the Bowring Park Terminus. The houses behind are Court Hey Avenue where I used to live. The picture will have been taken near to the closure of the service in 1957. Between the two green tram poles on the left and in front of the red garage doors is the new bus stop for route 6d which terminated at Bowring Park. The stop for the 6c service thrugh to Huyton was a further 80 yards on the other side of the Rimmer Avenue junction.  The houses in Court Hey Avenue were compulsorily purchased and demolished for the construction of the M62 motorway.

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