Congress Street, Aug 1970

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Photograph of Congress Street, Edge Hill. A store ‘G Sloane’ can be seen to the left of the image.
Photograph taken in Aug 1970

Congress Street, Aug 1970

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By Pat Burke on 15th July 2012

I lived in this street from birth till 25 yrs old.  My father lived there from 1925 and he never knew that we were built over Williamsons tunnels.  We always thought that the big disused tunnel in the Corporation Yard was a part built railway tunnel which we now know was one of Williamsons creations part finished.  Pat Burke

By James Hobson on 2nd November 2015

My paternal grandmother and grandfather, Annie and Walter Hobson, lived in 12 Congress Street from the late 1930s to he mid 1960s.I was told that I went there in the mid 60s and pulled off all the wallpaper accidently, as the houses were so damp

By James Hobson on 2nd November 2015

My grandparents, Walter and Annie Hobson, lived st 12 CongressSt front c1937 to c1964.I went there as a child..the wallpaper was peeling off the wall due to damp.

By Adrian Hobson on 28th November 2015

I recall visiting once in the late 60s when Walter & Emily Hobson still lived there. Annie & (grandfather) Walter had moved to Primrose Drive by then and Emily & Walter eventually moved to Skelmersdale. I wonder whether we visited because demolition was imminent and my Dad (Harold Hobson) wanted to see it one last time. He had fond memories of Congress Street.

By Muriel Rusht.on nee Travers on 2nd July 2016

I lived in Congress.Street from 1947 until I married.I Remember the Hobson family very well ,Mr &Mrs; Heaton their children Alan &Joan;.Mr&Mrs; Durrt their daughters Jean and I think Marion. Mr&Mrs; Goldie.,the Holdens,Mr&Mrs; Burnstien,not forgetting Mr&Mrs; Burke Pat and Rodney.Lovely memories.

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