Brian Willcox tells more ghost stories

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Brian Willcox tells two more ghost stories. On one occasion, his wallet went missing from his pocket, and he and his wife looked all over - including three times in his pocket - without success, so Brian reported his wallet’s disappearance to the police, only to then discover that his wallet had been in his pocket all along! At another time, the postman pushed four letters through the letter box only for them to end up in a neat pile on the table!

Interview Transcript

Brian: But, to hear that coming from that gentleman up there, I was, I was really surprised at that.

Jodie: What?

Brian: When he was on about that train going to Earlestown . . .

Jodie: Oh, yeah, going to Earlestown . . .

Brian: . . . yeah, that must have been, what I got . . .

Jodie: Yeah, yeah, must have been. There must, there must be other people that have experienced it, musn’t there?

Brian: But all, all these, all these stories I’ve got, I’ve always had someone with me, I’ve never been on me own, so as, you know, people can say, “Oh, you must have been imagining it”.

Jodie: Yeah, yeah, it’s not like you’ve got loads of ghost stories that you just happen to, you know what I mean . . .

Brian: I had a, I had a wallet in me pocket, it was hanging up, and I went to get it (slaps his hand down), no wallet. You know the way you look for it, upstairs, downstairs, everywhere, me wife looked down everywhere and, well she went in me pocket three times, no sign of it, so I phoned the police up and told them I’d lost me wallet somewhere, and I went upstairs to get a, an old wallet I had, put it in me pocket and I couldn’t put it in cos the other wallet was there! (laughs)

Jodie: Oh, isn’t that strange?

Brian: Yeah.

Jodie: Yeah, so you, you must have some kind of . . .

Brian: Aura, is that what you call it?

Jodie: Yeah, yeah, something anyway, if you’ve had that many experiences! (both laugh)

Brian: Yeah. We heard the postman come this day, and he had a round table about two foot round, and it was about the length of that table away from the front door. I heard the postman come, letterbox, come out, and there was four letters, stacked on top of each other on top of the table . . .

Jodie: Yeah.

Brian: . . . and I shouted, shouted the wife, “Have a look at this!” (Jodie laughs). So when the postman come next day I said, “How did you put them letters through that letterbox?” (Jodie laughs), he said, “I just pushed them through”, I said, “Well I found them in the table in a neat pile.

Jodie In the pile. (Brian chuckles) Oh, wow . . . (laughs) I mean, you’ve got some kind of, like, spirit, spirit guide or something with you all the time . . .

Brian: Yeah.

Jodie: . . . that just, tidies up and that!

Brian: Weird.

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