Brian Willcox remembers how a woman he knew mysteriously became a cone of light!

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Brian Willcox supplies yet another ghost story, this time about an unspecified woman whom he knew who one night got out of the car in which Brian and his wife were also present, and whose body disappeared and turned into a cone of light! Perhaps just as bizarrely, when Brian mentioned it to her the following night, she could not recall either the strange occurrence or even getting out of the car.

Interview Transcript

Brian: And at that moment, her body just disappeared, and it went into a cone of light, and drifted away, it was only for a split second, I thought (inaudible), and when I told her about it the next night, I told her what had happened I said, “You got out the car, put your arm out”, she said, “I never got out the car”, I said, “You did, my wife said you did, you got out of the car”, and . . .

Jodie: And she didn’t, it was just your . . . ?

Brian: No, no, she, she did get out the car . . .

Jodie: Oh, right!

Brian: . . . and “I just, went into this warm triangular light thing and you were just drifting away, and it was over.” When she come round the next night I tried to go through it with her but she wasn’t having any!

Jodie: Yeah! (both laugh) There was a videos that I’ve seen at, on, there’s this thing called, and there’s loads of talks, and a woman who’s, like, a brain expert, you know, like, a scientist, who studies strokes and all that kind of thing, had a stroke, and she explained, like, things like that, like, the things that happened to her and that she had, she felt this, like, out of body experience and all that kind of thing, and cos she was a scientist she understood what was happening . . .

Brian: Yeah.

Jodie: . . . as it was happening to her, you know, so she could explain it, like, really clearly.

Brian: But it’s a wonderful feeling . . .

Jodie: Yeah.

Brian: . . . as though all the worries and everything had been drained from your body.

Jodie: God, it’s, it’s strange.

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