Brian Morris remembers the gas lamps at Edge Hill station

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Brian Morris talks about the glow from the gas lamps at Edge Hill station, something he especially liked, and how communication were sent, presumably to signalboxes, by Morse code

Interviewee: Brian Morris

Interviewee Gender: Male

Interview Transcript

Brian: What was a lovely thing also was, I couldn’t remember where else, the gas lamps on the stations, there was something, there was always a nice glow about a gas lamp, you see, it’s a softer light, and it, I know it doesn’t go the full light, but they tended to give a, sort of, a pool of light, and then it went dark . . .

Unknown man: Yeah.

Brian: . . . and then there was a pool of light, and of course they were all lit by gas light and, in here, they used to communicate with somebody by a Morse tapper, if you’re just a little boy here walking up and down, you’d hear it going “click, click, click, click”, and I thought he was sending messages to the signalboxes.

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