Brian Morris explains why children were much better behaved in the old days!

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Brian Morris explains that he always had to behave himself because if he strayed off the beaten track, his father, who owned a shop in Smithdown Road and was therefore a well-known local figure, would be told - apparently a “fate worse than death”!

Interviewee: Brian Morris

Interviewee Gender: Male

Interview Transcript

Brian: I think we behaved ourselves, there, there was no troubles or anything like that, little lads in those days were well behaved, (indecipherable) (in an exaggeratedly stern voice) “I’ll tell your father!”

Unknown man: Yeah.

Jodie: Yeah. (laughs)

Brian: That was a fate worse than death, that was! And, you see, the men would work, live locally, and work locally, so, my father was a shop owner, so, I knew that he, that I was a marked kid, in other words, everybody knew who I was.

Jodie: Yeah. (laughs)

Brian: So there was no . . . I knew, they only had to go down Smithdown Road to the shop and say, “You’re lad’s a bad boy”, all Hell would be let loose, so . . .

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