Travelling on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway

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This picture is in two halves. The top half is labelled, “A Train of the First Class of Carriages, with the Mail”, and the bottom half, “A Train of the Second Class for outside Passengers”. It clearly brings out the contrast between the two classes: the first-class passengers sit in enclosed carriages, with each enjoying their own compartment and comfortable seats in those compartments: their luggage is on the rooves of the carriages. Indeed, at the very end of the train, one family is allowed a free ride in its normally horse-drawn cart, perched on top of a truck! Meanwhile, the second-class passengers have a roof over their heads but are otherwise exposed to the elements, and are all bunched up close together - presumably, they also have to take their luggage with them in the carriage, and in the front three carriages they appear to be standing up. The locomotive pulling the first-class train is named Jupiter (not to be confused with an American locomotive of that name built in 1868), while the name on the second-class locomotive is not clear

Travelling on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway

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