The Tunnel II

Resource Type: Image | Posted on 28th October 2011 by Liam Physick

One of the images donated to Metal by Eric Shenton. Here we get a dramatic view inside the Wapping Tunnel, as shown by Thomas Talbot Bury. A locomotive is approaching: the Tunnel entrance is just visible in the background of the painting. Note that it is an error on Bury’s part to show the locomotive, as locomotives were not allowed to use the Wapping Tunnel due to the steep gradient: fixed winding engines would be used instead. As a result, the locomotive was painted out in later versions of the print, as can be seen in “The Tunnel”

The Tunnel II

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By Eric Shenton on 3rd November 2011

The locomotive is an artist`s error. There were later versions of this print in which an attempt is made to erase the locomotive. Locomotives were not allowed to work the Wapping tunnel owing to the steep gradient.

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