The Rocket May 1980 page three

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Page three of the May 1980 issue of The Rocket reflects on the upcoming Rocket 150 event. It remarks how the Rainhill Trials led to rapid industrial and technological development, which, it argues, as well as “a better way of life for more people”, also leads to “a whole cart-load of problems” and “long-term ethical issues.” It argues that, as technology continues to advance, “clear Christian values” (The Rocket is produced by Rainhill Parish Council, hence its Christian stance) are necessary, but at the same time Christians must not shun the new developments “like the hermits of old, running out on the world because we can’t cope any longer with the issues that are being raised.” Christians, the piece argues, “have a distinct contribution to make” in addressing these (unspecified) problems because “they are convinced of the rich quality of life that Christ gives”.

The Rocket May 1980 page three

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