Steam in Britain - southern England

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This extract from the Steam in Britain map shows the locations of steam railways in southern England. Number 39 on this map is the Bluebell Railway in Sussex, another well-known heritage line. Apart from the National Railway Museum, the Bluebell Railway owns more steam locomotives - more than 30 - than any other organisation in Britain. It was reopened on 7th August 1960, the world’s first standard-gauge steam-operated railway to run a public service. The first locomotive to be permanently based on the Bluebell Railway was Stepney, seen on the left of the photograph featured here along with with Fenchurch, which features in the Railway Series book Stepney the “Bluebell” Engine”, in which it visits the Island of Sodor, the fictional island on which the books are set: the book was written for the specific purpose of promoting the Bluebell Railway and the railway preservation movement generally

Steam in Britain - southern England

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