Roy’s sister Pat recalls how her mother was once mounted by a dog!

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Pat describes how her mother was “doing the steps” one day when she was mounted by an Alsatian dog, which apparently mistook her for one of its own kind! Not surprisingly, she always hated Alsatians after that!

Interviewee: Pat

Interviewee Gender: Female

Interview Transcript

Pat: We used to live in Tinfrens Street . . .

Terry: Another revelation!

Pat: . . . it goes that way . . .

Terry: Yeah.

Pat: . . . and off it was three: Leader Street . . .

Terry: Yeah, yeah.

Roy: Heathcote . . .

Pat: Wainwright and Heathcote . . .

Terry: Heathcote . . .

Pat: . . . so they come down to our street going along. Sunday morning, before we went to church, the step had to be done, so me mam was out with a bucket, doing the step on her hands and knees, as you can imagine, and an Alsatian dog come running down Wainwright Street and mounted me mam’s back! (Pat and Terry laugh) Thought it was another dog! Me mam screamed, my mam (simulates a scream)

Roy Yeah, I remember that.

Terry: I remember that, yeah.

Pat: She hated Alsatian dogs after that! (more laughter from Pat and Terry)

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