Railway Song by Roy the Taxi Driver

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From Newcastle to Liverpool came down the rocket man.
To start a revolution had, long since been his plan.
To get the world a moving for years had been his dream.
On two long tracks all made of steel, and an engine powered by steam.

So plans were made and tracks were laid for the Rainhill loco trials.
and crowds had gathered down the course that stretched out for three miles.
It was to be a contest a test of strength and speed
George Stephenson arrived that day aboard his iron steed.

The Novelty sped down the track at 28 miles per hour,
But when it came to try her strength they found she had no power,
The Rocket’s not the fastest but her strength it did prevail,
She pulled her weight and three times more all along the iron rail.

Said George now to his fireman son as they were smoothly hurled
This locomotion transport will surely change the world.
Don’t let the girl go thirsty keep her belly full of fire
She’ll pull you ‘cross wide continents or where you e’er desire.

And eyes from all around the world had watched this great event,
To North and South and East and West back home they quickly went,
To get their countries moving by the method they had seen
On two long tracks all made of steel and an engine powered by steam.

The railway age had just begun in Liverpool that day
George Stephenson and his iron horse had showed the world a way,
To get those wheels a rollin’ for years had been his dream
On two long tracks all made of steel and an engine powered by steam.
Woo Hoo!

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