Maureen Hunt talks about how she ended up with twins after her husband’s condom burst!

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Maureen Hunt mentions her children: she had six in total, of whom five are still alive. On one occasion, she ended up having twins after her husband’s condom split! Her mother was not impressed when she found out!

Interviewee: Maureen Hunt

Interviewee Gender: Female

Interview Transcript

Maureen: This is my eldest lad, you know.

Jenny: Oh, how many children have you got, Maureen?

Maureen: Five.

Jenny: And Bernie’s your . . .

Maureen: I had six, but five.

Jenny: Yeah.

Pat: Bernie’s a mind of information.

Maureen: He’s the eldest, and he’s five and a half years older than the youngest. (laughs)

Jenny: (laughs) Oh, right!

Pat: No telly in your house, Maureen! (they all laugh)

Maureen: Actually, the condom burst and I ended up with twins! (Pat laughs very loudly)

Jenny: Oh, have you got twins?

Maureen: You think I’m kidding and I’m not!

Pat: (inaudible due to laughing)

Jenny: (laughing) This is, we are recording, right . . . !

Pat: Oh, but you can edit bits off!

Jenny: I can edit!

Maureen: Why, we haven’t recording now?

Jenny: Yeah!

Maureen: No, well, when I’d had our Bernard, I, I said to big Bernard, “You put something in that” (Pat and Jenny burst out laughing), and then I, I ended up in hospital, and me cousin took me down on the back of a motorbike.

Jenny: No!

Maureen: I was out here, he was on the petrol tank, and the nurse goes, a student nurse and she goes, “I can find two heads”, and the, the nursing sister said, “I don’t think so, one’s the bottom and one’s the head”, she said “No, there’s a head there and a head there”, I was, I was seven and a half months pregnant, like . . .

Pat: Is this at Sefton General, Maureen . . .

Maureen: Yeah.

Pat: . . . yeah?

Maureen: Yeah, Sefton General, opposite the mental home.

Pat: Yeah.

Maureen: Anyway, me mam come in and they said, “Oh, it says twins”, me mam says, “She can’t have twins, she’s already got one at home”, so the midwife turned round and said to me mother, “Better go and tell her husband, then”. (laughs)

Jenny: So, you didn’t know until . . . ?

Maureen: No. Then I went on the pill, it was eight months again when I got blew up, (in a posh voice) “Go home, mother, you’re between seven and eight months pregnant”, (Jenny sounds exasperated) same with the, me last one, I never knew the last one.

Jenny: Really, you didn’t know til . . .

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