Maureen Hunt recalls her father’s fondness for the pub on Packington Street

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Maureen Hunt tells of how she moved to Kensington. She also mentions that her father was very fond of the pub on Packington Street, so much so that her mother once suggested that he might as well live there! Maureen finishes by mentioning where her parents lived before they married

Interviewee: Maureen Hunt

Interviewee Gender: Female

Interview Transcript

Jenny: So, you lived in Chatsworth Street, but you said you moved . . .

Maureen: Chalmers . . .

Jenny: Chalmers.

Maureen: . . . off Chatsworth Street.

Jenny: Chalmers Street? But you moved before those houses were demolished?

Maureen: Yeah.

Jenny: What . . . ?

Maureen: I moved in 58

Jenny: 58?

Maureen: Me mam was still there, me mam couldn’t, the house was pulled down round me mam.

Jenny: Oh!

Maureen: Yeah.

Jenny: Yeah.

Maureen: Yeah.

Jenny: Did you move far away or did you . . . ?

Maureen: No, I just moved up into Kensington, I’ve been there 58 years now.

Jenny: And you’ve stayed there, yeah?

Maureen: Yeah.

Jenny: Yeah.

Maureen: No, 54 years.

Pat: How old’s Bernard?

Maureen: 55 years, I’m, I was 20 when I left there, and I’m 74 now.

Jenny: So you’ve seen a lot of changes . . .

Pat: Yeah.

Jenny: . . . in the area?

Maureen: Oh, God, yeah, yeah. As I said, it used to be the posh, if you went over the other side of Wavertree Road, you were posh . . .

Pat: Yeah.

Jenny: Oh, yeah.

Maureen: . . . you know, but I know the, I remember the Balts and all them, never went in the pubs . . .

Jenny: No.

Maureen: . . . never went in the pubs.

Pat: Oh, no, the nearest we got was shouting the door, “Dad! Me mum wants you!” (Jenny laughs)

Maureen: Yeah, me dad only ever went into the Packington pub, me dad didn’t go many . . .

Jenny: Packington?

Maureen: Yeah, that was the name of the street.

Jenny: And was that on the . . . ?

Maureen: That was off Chatsworth Street.

Jenny: Off Chatsworth?

Maureen: Yeah, it was the next road to ours, but that’s the only place, and . . .

Jenny: And that was the little pub on there?

Maureen: . . . I remember, I remember me mam taking his, his Sunday dinner up. She said, “Well, if you live here, you might as well eat here!” (Jenny and Maureen both laugh) and she put it down on it, on the counter, and walked out! Yeah. Me mam was as blonde as me dad was dark, but me dad was born round that way, but we couldn’t, we haven’t been able to find any of his relations, cos it was a Metcalfe with an e . . .

Jenny: Right.

Maureen: Yeah, and apparently they lived at the back of the Pibby.

Jenny: Ah!

Maureen: But we haven’t been . . .

Jenny: That’s on Lodge Lane?

Maureen: Yeah.

Jenny: Yeah.

Maureen: A lot of his relations lived at the back of the Pibby.

Jenny: So, so where did you mum live, did she, she moved here?

Maureen: Dingle.

Jenny: In the Dingle?

Maureen: She come from the Dingle. Yeah, she come from off Beresford Road, Tavistock Street.

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