Mary Connolly recalls moving to Myrtle Gardens and having electricity

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Mary Connolly recalls moving to Myrtle Gardens after living in Hope place and having electricity for the first time.

Interviewee: Mary Connolly

Interview Transcript

MC: And then when I was 12 we moved up to Myrtle gardens because our old house in upper hope place had no electricity, no hot water, one tap in the bottom cellar and I had to go out the back cellar door, across the yard to the toilet. So it was like given heaven when we moved to Myrtle gardens although we were on the top floor there once you were inside everything was there hot and cold water. We couldn’t wait to switch the light on because we had gas lighting in the other house and it was funny because when we moved in I was trying to persuade my mother there was no bulbs in there and she said ‘no we’ve got to wait until the man comes to switch the electricity on. We moved in on the Thursday and he couldn’t come until the Monday and I said “Just buy a bulb and put it in, y’know, then we’ve got one” “No I don’t know what kind to buy” so it wasn’t until the man came on the Monday to switch the electricity on we found that we had electricity the whole weekend, they hadn’t even switched it off. If we’d have bought a bulb and put it on we’d have been alright, or if we’d have put our finger in the socket we would have been electrocuted.
JP: You would have found out!

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