Low Hill awaiting redevelopment

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This aerial view shows Low Hill between demolition and redevelopment, in May 1970. It also depicts Boaler Street, Phythian Street and Everton Brow

Low Hill awaiting redevelopment

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By Brian on 26th October 2012

I remember Phythian St very well.  No 81 was my mother’s childhood home & was then taken by my Auntie Margaret & Uncle Robert.  My cousins Jean & Alun grew up there.  There was nothing wrong with the houses, just lousy landlords.  Even in about 1969 there was just one cold tap in the house & a dry toilet at the bottom of the yard.  Improving these otherwise substantial houses would have been easy.  Instead there was a disgraceful example of social engineering.  The whole community was deliberately broken up & dissipated far & wide around the greater Liverpool area.  Nobody was allowed to be anywhere near their former neighbours. My Aunt was very arthritic & was dumped in a 1st floor maisonette in Halewood.  She was isolated & hated it.  The walls became damp & mould grew.  Phythian St was a much nicer home & could have been updated.  Shame on those 1960s planners.  All cities now suffer from the legacy of such follies.

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