Letting off steam

Resource Type: Image | Posted on 5th May 2011 by Jenny Porter

This is one of the photographs donated to Metal by Dennis Flood, a railway enthusiast (not to be confused with the photographer of the same name). This dramatic scene apparently takes place just before the one in “Two locomotives” -  we see the third locomotive (the one seen in the background of the later photograph) just outside the signalbox, just behind another engine, which is letting off steam excessively: the two firemen are leaning out, communicating with each other, or maybe even having an argument! The signalman seems to have opened his door, inquiring what is going on. Possibly this locomotive is the one being seen pulled away (the locomotive doing the pulling away does not appear here) in “Two locomotives”. Despite this, one man on the platform looks away from the scene, evidently unimpressed!

Letting off steam

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