Jane, an audience member, mentions a sympathy strike by jamworkers in 1911

Resource Type: Audio | Posted on 22nd July 2011 by Liam Physick

Jane, a member of the audience, describes reading a book which mentions how female jamworkers in Liverpool struck in sympathy with the male transport workers

Interviewee: Jane

Interviewee Gender: Female

Interview Transcript

It’s just a response to that lady’s question about women getting involved, about 18 months ago I read a book called The Perfect Summer, now, it was really, sort of, outlining what went on just before the First World War, but there was quite a large chapter on the strike of 1911, and in the book – and I wished I’d bought it – there was a picture of ladies – lady jam workers who came out in sympathy and, I think they could have been from Aintree, from Nelson’s, but I’d have to check on that, but they were there.

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