Graham Trust talks about the terminus at Crown Street

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Graham Trust mentions Crown Street, the original passenger terminus on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway. The carriages would be detached from the locomotive, and pulled uphill to Crown Street by ropes powered by a fixed engine, while goods rolling stock would also be detached and would go through a tunnel to Wapping Dock by gravity, before being pulled back up to Edge Hill by the same fixed engine

Interviewee: Graham Trust

Interviewee Gender: Male

Date of Interview: 16th November 2010

Interview Transcript

Graham: The, the point about Edge Hill is that it wasn’t the actual terminus of the Liverpool-Manchester Railway. The passenger terminus was Crown Street, which was . . .

Jenny: Yeah.

Graham: (struggles)

Jenny: It’s about half a mile, isn’t it, from here?

Graham: Yeah, it’s very close . . .

Jenny: Yeah.

Graham: . . . but it is up a hill . . .

Jenny: Yeah.

Graham . . . and the passenger carriages were detached from the locomotives at Edge Hill, and then they were pulled up to Crown Street on ropes which were powered by a steam . . .

Jenny: A static . . .

Graham: . . . a fixed steam engine . . .

Jenny: Yeah, yeah.

Graham: . . . at Edge Hill. The freight carriages carried on without their locomotives, and they carried on down a tunnel down to Wapping Dock and they descended down that tunnel purely by gravity.

Jenny: Gravity, yeah.

Graham: They were pulled back up, to get back up to Edge Hill, by again, those fixed steam engines.

Jenny: Yeah.

Graham: Yeah.

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