Graham Trust mentions the three founding fathers of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway

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Graham Trust introduces us to the three founding fathers of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway: John Moss (about whom he has written a biography), Joseph Sandars and William James

Interviewee: Graham Trust

Interviewee Gender: Male

Date of Interview: 16th November 2010

Interview Transcript

Jenny: Your particular interest is through John Moss . . .

Graham: Yeah.

Jenny: . . . who was one of the Board of Directors?

Graham: He was, he was, he was one of three people who were involved at the very start with, with the plans for the Railway. The acknowledged father of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway is, or was a Liverpool corn merchant called Joseph Sandars and in the summer of 1821, Sandars met a, a land surveyor, called William James, who was from West Bromwich, but he was based in London, and William James had seen George Stephenson’s locomotives on his trip, on his trips to Northumberland in the early 1800s.

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