Graham Middleton describes watching Westerns at the Tunnel Road Picturehouse

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Graham remembers the dairy and recycling jam jars and bottles. He used to visit Auntie Bessie who would give them Mars bars from the shop. He remembers coming to the Tunnel Road Picturehouse, which he describes as a ‘flea-pit’, to watch John Wayne films.

Interviewee: Graham Middleton

Interviewee Gender: Male

Date of Interview: 14th August 2014

Interview Transcript

Graham: There was a little dairy opposite No 25 and he used to take jam jars and bottles back and you would get a deposit, because glass was short and returnable. When we used to go visit my Nan and my auntie Betty was in the shop, before we left she would always give us a Mars bar, and I used to think she was lovely – we were only kids. And it was only years later when my Nan said: “Yes, but when you were gone, she’d ask me for the money.” So, we never got it for nothing. So that was that.
I remember coming to the Tunnel Road picture house with my dad, see films in the evening. And the Capital which was on Overbury Street.
Jenny: Do you remember any of the films that you saw there?
Graham: Yeah, well it was mainly Westerns, John Wayne, Westerns, you know. They were like fleapits really, you know, on Tunnel Road anyway. And there was a little sweet shop further along from that, because coming down from there we couldn’t get any sweets. And there were big sign out of the shop which said “Toffee”.

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By jimbo siner on 8th March 2015

i was born and bread in sidney gardens were everybody looked after each other iloved liveing there with all my mates sinse long gone i want to know who ownded the lybro top of mount vernon and watt do,s theintials stand for any body got a clue let me know ta jimbo siner

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