Graham Middleton describes the Pet Shop on Wavertree Road

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Graham describes how the Pet Shop on Wavertree Road was owned by a character called May, who used to wear a beret and brown overall. Her brother George dispensed his own medication. May once persuaded Graham to eat a dog biscuit!

Interviewee: Graham Middleton

Interviewee Gender: Male

Date of Interview: 14th August 2014

Interview Transcript

Graham: There was a pet shop and the woman in there, her name was May, she wore a brown, sort of old fashioned like ‘open all hours’, brown overall which was fat in the crosser, tied at the back, and she would wear a beret. And she would have dog meat that was sort of catering size, huge big tins, and open it out and you would buy it by the slice. And she had a brother, George, who sort of dispensed his own sort of medication for sick dogs and all that. And I remember we went in there and you could buy loose dog biscuits and all the rest of it, and her telling me that nothing wrong I could eat one of them, so I did. Of the dog biscuits, I can tell you they didn’t do any harm.

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