Fred Foley remembers Troughton Street

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Fred Foley remembers Troughton Street, where he lived, and growing up in the local area, including his first pint and his confusion over his religious beliefs.

Interviewee: Fred Foley

Interviewee Gender: Male

Interview Transcript

Jenny: So what road did you live in?

Fred: Troughton Street

Jenny: Troughton Street?

Fred: Troughton Street…Its like Patrick(?) Trought.  We lived in Troughton Street, and as you come down from the Cappy from the picture house off Harbord Street, there was a pub on the corner of Harbord Street and the Manager’s name was Ben Bunn

Jenny: Mmm

Fred: Ben Bunn he had the pub on the corner of Harbord Street

Jenny: Yeah

Fred: And er…Overbury Street, I had me first pint in there and me dad took me in and he got me a brown mix and I hadn’t left school…and he said ‘Come on lad..yer’ I couldn’t get through I said I can’t drink this dad…’Yerrs you’re alright, you’re a man aren’t you?’

Jenny: (Laughs) Oh no…So what year was that then?

Fred: (laughing) what year? Its in the early fifties…

Jenny: the early fifties?

Fred: I was born in 41’ so yeah maybe about 55’, 54’…I was there I went from Harbord Street to St Anne’s, the church we were talking about, that was a big church and a big school it was a Catholic school.  Me mam’ was a Catholic and me dad was a Protestant …and she used to take me to the church to do some instructions so I’d be Catholic.  So I was in-between I don’t know what I was ..And there was Lovat Street and that was the… Lovat Street, Troughton Street, Cardwell Street these are all off Overbury Street.  These all ran from Lovat Street, Troughton Street, Cardwell Street, Squire Street, and Angela Street …Do you know Angela Street?

Jenny: No, never heard of that one ..

Fred: Angela Street that was at the bottom and that come into Smithdown Lane and the bottom of Overbury Street, if you just turned round to your right the tennys were there Myrtle House and Myrtle Gardens…Have you heard them yeah?

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By John Dee on 15th May 2013

Fred’s memories of his home area made me laugh. I remember those streets very well, and also that school on the other corner to Bunn’s pub.

great stuff.

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