Fred Foley remembers Lovat Street

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Fred Foley remembers Ernie Hudson the milkman and the Craven Heifer pub off Lovat Street.

Interviewee: Fred Foley

Interviewee Gender: Male

Interview Transcript

Fred: Lovat street and Ernie Hudson, has anyone mentioned Ernie Hudson?

Jenny: No

Fred: He had a little milk thing there

Jenny: Yes

Fred: He was the milk man Ernie Hudson

Jenny: Ernie Hudson…?

Fred: Ernie Hudson…that’s another name yes…And his yard (laughs) his yard was next to a pub called the Craven Heifer

Jenny: The Craven Heifer?

Fred: The Craven Heifer …and that’s just come back by talking.

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By Dennis Carmichael on 17th January 2017

We lived in Lovat St from 1941 to 1968 when it all came tumbling down.

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