Fred Foley recalls going to Edge Hill library on Lodge Lane

Resource Type: Audio | Posted on 25th July 2012 by Jenny Porter

Fred Foley nostagically remembers Lodge Lane and going to the library there on a Saturday morning following his weekly bath.  He also highlights the importance of visiting places from your past even though you can’t go back to the way it actually was.

Interviewee: Fred Foley

Interviewee Gender: Male

Interview Transcript

Fred: Its only just closed the Library hasn’t it?

Jenny: Yeah

Fred: Because what I used to do, I say I was studying and I used to love reading and I still was a kid, I’d read more than I’d do anything else and I used to go and get me bath Saturday morning, Saturday morning bath because we only had the bath tub you know between the houses and I had me bath and I’d go in the library and I’d be reading in the library and just doing any homework I had for the week I’d sit in the …and I used to (indecipherable)…and that was in Lodge Lane and Lodge Lane it was all alive then it was all buzzing you know and when they’d go down and sort of (indecipherable) its all thingy now its all…when they say you can’t go back I know you can’t re-visit the past but you can go back and say well this is where I was a kid.

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