Fred Currah mentions his voluntary work at Whiston hospital

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Fred Currah talks about his current voluntary work at Whiston hospital. Though not ordained, he is allowed to give Holy Communion to his patients

Interviewee: Fred Currah

Interview Transcript

Fred: I work as a volunteer at Whiston now with the (indecipherable) team at Whiston . . .

Jodie: Oh, right!

Fred: . . . yeah, I go on the, I have my own ward, 2C. I’m what’s called in the Catholic Church a Eucharistic minister which means I can give Holy Communion to people . . .

Jodie: Oh, right.

Fred: . . . that need it . . .

Jodie: . . . yeah, yeah, OK.

Fred: I’m not ordained, I’m not a, I’m not a church, not a clergyman . . .

Jodie: But . . .

Fred: . . . but I work for the (indecipherable) team there, so I go in there once a week at Whiston.

Jodie: Oh, that’s nice!

Fred: I work on, I like that . . .

Jodie: Yeah, being around people.

Fred: . . . because you meet different people every week, and you meet, people tell you stories, their own stories, you know, patients tell you their different stories, some want to open up to you, others don’t want to because they feel, in hospital, they feel that they’re not in control of their space any more, you know, in hospital, you got doctors and nurses with you round you, they go through all sorts of emotions like, you know, fear, why am I here, what’s going to happen to me, if they’re waiting for an operation they’re afraid, so my job is to just try and help the patient by listening . . .

Jodie: And reassuring.

Fred: . . . and reinsuring (sic) them, yeah, yeah, so I enjoy that very much.

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