Frances Green talks about Crawfords biscuit factory

Resource Type: Audio | Posted on 20th January 2011 by Jenny Porter

Frances Green talks about the demolition process in 1953/4 when Crawford’s Biscuit Factory took over the streets around Binns Road. Also during the war when sweets were rare she remembers the girls in the chocolate room throwing chocolate out the windows to the children below and begging for biscuits on Tuesdays and Thursdays outside the gates to the factory. Frances talks about how busy Edge Lane would be of an evening as people went home from all the factories such as Meccano, Crawfords and The Automatic

Interviewee: Frances Green

Interviewee Age: 71

Interviewee Gender: Female

Interviewee Address:

St Helens

Date of Interview: 15th August 2009

Tagged under: demolition, childhood memories, the automatic, edge lane, binns road, crawfords biscuit factory, meccanno

Categorised under: The War

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