Edge Hill station before conservation

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One of the images donated to Metal by Eric Shenton. This photograph vividly highlights the dilapidated state into which the Edge Hill station buildings fell before they were renovated by Metal. Note in particular the uneven roof on the right hand side of the picture

Edge Hill station before conservation

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By Dennis J.Flood on 7th July 2016

The renovation of Edge Hill Station had nothing to do with Metal. Metal did not exist when this photograph was taken.! This undated photograph was probably taken in the late 1960s/early 1970s when the station roof was being removed.The `uneven` roof in the foreground was where the luggage bridge once spanned the down slow and up fast lines…shown removed in this photograph.The tall structure to the right of the picture was the luggage lift building which contained the lift and associated lift winding gear. There was another of these structures situated directly opposite on the up fast line platform. Edge Hill Station was restored by BR,some 45 years ago,to what it once was when it was originally built in 1836 and Metal `inherited` the station buildings which they now occupy some several years ago. The interior of the buildings required some remedial work to make them fit for the use they are used for today…a METAL restoration it was NOT - this was carried out many years earlier by BR and it`s contractors to what is visible today. British Railways must be given the credit for the entire exterior building restoration of the Edge Hill Station that we see today. There can be no question about that at all. Metal are very fortunate to have `inherited` one of the most significant and historical railway buildings in the world. Edge Hill Station is the oldest railway station,still in use,in the world. It does not get better than that.!

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