Edge Hill Railway Trust board

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One of the images donated to Metal by Eric Shenton. This board names the Edge Hill Railway Trust, a registered charity, of which Eric was one of the Board of Directors, that existed from 1979 to 1981. Its aim was to promote awareness and ensure the preservation of those parts of Edge Hill station and the surrounding area that were of historical interest. In 1980 it took control of the Edge Hill Cutting (including the Chatsworth Street Cutting and Moorish Arch) and the tunnels there

Edge Hill Railway Trust board

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By Eric Shenton on 3rd November 2011

Please note that the Edge Hill Trust existed to 1981 not 1991

By eric shenton on 16th August 2013

Thanks for the promotion to President but no such office existed. I was just a member of the Board of Directors!

By Paul O'Donnell on 14th April 2015

Eric, are you still about? I would love to have a chat with you about all things Moorish.

By ericshenton8@hotmail.com on 5th May 2015

Yes, I`m still around.What would you like to chat about?

By Paul O'Donnell on 6th May 2015

Hi Eric, I will drop you an email.

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