Dave McElroy discusses the sandstone blocks at the station

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Dave McElroy talks about the sandstone blocks at the station, and praises its Victorian builders for their sense of aesthetics, which he feels is superior to that of modern builders.

Interviewee: David and Steve McElroy

Interviewee Gender: Male

Date of Interview: 25th March 2011

Interview Transcript

David: Speaking of architectural features, when I first came round earlier on, I was reminded, some things, most people may not even spot, and that’s the artwork in the sandstone blocks, the, the features, and the, and the,sort of . . .

Jenny: Yeah.

David: . . . the knee height and the waist height . . .

Steve: Must have a look at that.

Jenny: Yeah, it’s, sort of, like, cut away, isn’t it, yeah?

David: Yeah, the, the, the design in the, in the sandstone, and, you know . . . I, I suspect, if you look around, there’ll, there’ll be other place as well, but the, the perimeter of this building is quite a bit, so . . .

Jenny: And you remember that as well?

David: Yeah, well, again, this would have been mostly black by then . . .

Jenny: Yeah.

David: . . . but just, just just the, the odd, if you like, this was obviously more utilitarian than anything else, but the, the Victorians obviously still had the, sort of, the artistic touches, so . . .

Jenny: Yeah, cos what always fascinates me is the, kind of . .  that these buildings weren’t even built for public to go in and out of, but they’ve still, sort of, considered the . . .

David: Aesthetics?

Jenny: . . . you know, yeah, yeah.

David: Oh, yeah, the, the, you have to admire them, you know, when you look at, you know, the way the place was constructed and it stood, it stood the test of time, far more than most modern buildings, yeah.

Steve: Yeah.

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