Brian Willcox talks more about the area around Edge Hill station

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Brian Willcox mentions the stables on Tunnel Road, which housed horses belonging to the railway, and the famous Williamson Tunnels.

Interviewee: Brian Willcox

Interviewee Gender: Male

Interview Transcript

Brian: There were stables.

Jodie: What was that that, what was that, sorry, the . . . ?

Brian: The shop over the road, the antiques shop . . .

Jodie: Tunnel Antiques, yeah.

Brian: Yeah, it used to be full of horses . . .

Jodie: OK!

Brian: . . . belonging to the railway, I think they used to go round delivering with them.

Jodie: Yeah. I’ve got a, we’ve got a picture on the archive, actually, of, when there was a train, a strike, and there’s all horses walking down Tunnel Road. I don’t know if you can, maybe, I’ll have a look at that, actually, in a minute maybe, you can see this thing, or . . . So, they were stables were they, (indecipherable due to Brian talking over her) yeah

Brian: Yeah, stables, proper stables.

Jodie: And was that, what, what about the building that it’s in, we thought that was a waiting room at one point, was it just

Brian: I don’t know, some of them, they built tunnels under there, some, some chap, well off, a lord . . .

Jodie: Yeah, Williamson, yeah.

Brian: . . . I don’t know whether he was a lord, someone, paid these men just to dig holes, tunnels . . .

Jodie: Yeah.

Brian: I don’t know, there was no reason for it.

Jodie: Yeah, you can go and see them in there, that . . .

Brian: Can you?

Jodie: . . . yeah, they’ve got a visitor’s centre just down the road, yeah, you can go and see them.

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