Botanic House Hotel March 1976

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Photograph of Botanic House Hotel

Botanic House Hotel March 1976

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By marji bentley on 14th March 2014

I lived botanic pub speke street only 6 houses one side and railwau wall facing .also only 5 streets on that side of road speke st/ryder st/botanic st/ash st/arrow st .then railway yard till tunnel road lovely memories.

By marji bentley on 14th March 2014

the botanic was always known as the round house it was facing botanic park gates on that side of the road were ridgeway st/eastwood st/byford st/schorfield st/and 2 others then tunnel rd .

By Peter Toner on 1st May 2015

Lived in 17 Ash Street. Played in Wavertree Park.
Mums name Nora Toner nee Devon.
Went to The “Tunney” The Tunnel Cinima ,renamed the Avenue.
My Aunt Kate Hidderley nee Davon live at the very top of Ash Street.
I remember The Party in the Street Celebrating The Coronation. Then the beautiful picture of Ths Union Jack painted at the top of the street. I want to go back there then. But have memories . Love to everyone I can remember.
Peter Toner

By Peter Toner on 6th May 2015

I went to Saint Ann’s School. Starting at Infants,Juniors,then Seniors at Overbury St?
I was a paper boy at Harry’s paper and tobacco shop,at the corner of Ash Street.
You could leave your door open during the 50s and 60s,without worrying about thieves. Looking back it was a kind of magic. But at times it was hard,no money! Poor. I so yearn for those times!

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